Tree Work in Oxfordshire

John Whitworth Tree Surgery: Reaching new heights

For over 20 years, John Whitworth Tree Surgery has provided professional tree surgery services throughout Oxfordshire. Tree surgery is a specialist skill and one which should always be carried out by the professionals. When booking with John Whitworth Tree Surgery, an expert, quality service is always assured. Providing a reliable and punctual service is very important to us, and I personally pride myself on a professional service and total customer satisfaction.

John Whitworth Tree Surgery covers everything from tree cutting and tree removal to hedge trimming and pruning. All work is completed to the highest standard and at a competitive price.

If you require any form of tree work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me., by visiting my contact page or by calling 01295 268 170.

Free, no-obligation quotations are available on all services. If you’re unsure what work is required we can advise you and make recommendations.

John Whitworth Tree Surgery can offer you the piece of mind by undertaking thorough tree inspections to ascertain the health and condition of your trees  and will propose any actions required.