Tree Dead Wooding

The removal of a tree’s dead branches (“dead wooding”) is an often overlooked tree management technique which can be pivotal in promoting healthy, even tree growth, whilst performing damage limitation to diseases and thereby extending the tree’s longevity.

At John Whitworth Tree Surgery, we know that the removal of dead wood from a tree can be fundamental for both tree conservation and public safety, especially if the tree is growing close to a busy footpath or road.

Advantages to Dead Wooding

  • Safety – remove those branches before they fall on your house, shed, or passing pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Remove unwanted weight, reducing the wind resistance of the tree and helping maintain overall tree balance.
  • Aesthetic reasons – a tree with the deadwood removed looks a lot more pleasing.

High winds can have a disastrous consequence:

Left unnoticed, larger trees can very often contain dead or dying limbs that can cause damage and injury in high winds to anything below and the tree itself as they fall.